Friday, December 5, 2008

TAKE ACTION! Take a photo for our campaign!


DECEMBER 6, 2008..

The consensus is clear at the UN climate meetings in Poland…not only is the U.S. State Department delegation a lame duck at this year's climate negotiations, they're a dead duck. For the past 8 years, the United States has refused to take leadership on a binding treaty and continues to claim that there is not enough domestic support for a bold and binding international climate agreement.

But we know better. The U.S. State Department delegation is not representing us. Last month, we Power Voted in record numbers for a new president who will take strong action on climate change and re-engage with the international community.

U.S. youth delegates from SustainUS,, EJCC, Greenpeace,and RAN have decided to assume the role the United States has so far failed to fulfill: engaging with the international community.

We are requesting meetings with delegations from a number of different countries, with a focus on developing nations that have been put at risk by the reckless action of the U.S. and other developed countries. The U.S. youth delegation believes that meeting with these countries and standing in solidarity with their vision is a true reflection of the voice of the American youth on climate change. Please support us in these meetings, by participating in a photo petition to be displayed at our meetings with international climate delegations.


Join the massive photo petition that will let international delegations know that the U.S. youth will be pressuring President-elect Obama and Congress for climate action NOW! In the next 24 hours:

1) Grab a camera your friends and family (or just yourself)

2) Make a sign that says "bold, equitable, binding, and science-based" to reflect the type of climate agreement you are ready for.

3) Feel free to draw a globe (or hold one) or do something that will give your picture an international vibe.

4) Send your photo to

5) Get ready for a huge year in the run-up to Copenhagen!

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Andrew said...

The chateau will represent. I'll get together with the fellas tonight to offer our symbol of solidarity.