Monday, December 1, 2008

Pollard in Poland! & COY

After nearly 40 hours of non-stop travel, including a missed flight at Heathrow airport in London and after purchasing a train ticket in a train station where no one spoke english for a 1AM train ride from Warsaw to Poznan, I made it to Poland. Luckily, on my cab ride from the airport to the train station I saw some cool stuff in Warsaw, check it!

So after getting in bed around 5AM Poznan time, I got right back out at 8 to head to COY (Conference of Youth). The COY is made up of student delegates from 50 countries! COY has various working groups including policy, media, and actions. I'll be involved in COY's action working group in addition to my duties with SustainUS. After a few sessions I realized I was in the midst of world-class organizers. We had some intense sessions, which makes since because of the high stakes in Poznan and the various hopes for the conference from all the delegations. Overall, it was beyond unbelievable to be organizing and networking with international organizers!

Check back soon for an update from DAY 1 of the conference!!! The stakes are high, the future of the climate and our futures is in the balance. But I know that my fellow SustainUS and other international agents of change are ready for this challenge.

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Andrew said...

Glad to know you made it there safe and sound! I'm listening to cookie jar right now, just for you. In all seriousness though, have a great time.